Hello everyone!

I am Fiona Clamor, 24 years young and I come from the beautiful Brabant, but I have been living in Nijmegen for almost four years now (but of course never lost the ‘Brabantse Gezelligheid’). This year I am a fourth year German Language and Culture student and last year I was treasurer at DVN (Deutscher Verein Nimwegen). This year I will also hold the position of treasurer, but this time within the 16th board of the RAGweek Nijmegen Foundation. I’m going to do everything I can to raise as much money as possible for our two charities this year and make sure that every euro is well spent. In my free time I like to do sports. I work out, play tennis and go for a walk sometimes. Besides that I play football for a little over a year now at FC Kunde. I also enjoy listening to music, doing things with friends and cooking. I have known the RAGweek Nijmegen Foundation for a few years now, but during my treasurership at DVN last year, I came into even closer contact with it and actually became even more enthusiastic. So I sent my application letter without any hesitation. I am really looking forward to the coming year and hope to be able to bring the student life together with charity, so that we can organize many fun things and make it another wonderful year together! And remember: ‘money doesn’t buy happiness, so you might as well donate it to RAGweek!’

Lots of love,