Hello everyone,

My name is Teun Hanraets and I am the secretary of the 17th board of Stichting RAGweek Nijmegen RAGweek Nijmegen. I come from beautiful Limburgish Blitterswijck. But I swapped that for Nijmegen over three years ago. I am currently in the fourth year of the Artificial Intelligence bachelor. Besides studying, I also work as a student assistant at the AI department. Last year I was the treasurer of N.K.S.W. Kompanio, the umbrella association of the Faculty of Social Sciences. I have also been an active member of CognAC since the beginning of my studies.

I knew about RAGweek before, but during my board year I came into closer contact with it. This also made me very enthusiastic about it I eventually applied for the board. I am very much looking forward to dedicating myself to charity next year and I am very much looking forward to having a great RAGweek together with all Nijmegen associations.

With love,