RAGshop 2021

Naast alle activiteiten en acties die dit jaar worden georganiseerd hebben we ook wat items in de verkoop! Neem gauw een kijkje in de RAGwinkel.

Do you want to buy any of these items? Fill in the google form below and we’ll contact you as soon as possible!


Calender sale

It’s back! As a yearly tradition we developed the ‘Sexy met Stijl Besturenkalender’.  This year 36 association boards took off their clothes and posed in front of the camera in the most sexiest way possible. You can order this calender for €11

Coffee and tea sale

The newest addition to the RAGweek is our RAGcoffee and RAGtea. In collaboration with Kookwinkel Oostendorp Tiel we assembled a delicous coffee and tea blend. The price of one bag of coffee or tea is €4 and the entire profit will be donated to the RAGweek.

Coffee: Slow roasted bled of 80% aribica’s with mocha. The beans are selled 35 days after the roast. These fresh beans provide a beautiful cream base on your coffee. 
Tea: Be amazed by our assortment of fresh aromatic tea blends, hand picked by the board of the RAGweek.

Beer sale


In collaboration with the brewcommittee from S.V. Marie Curie we offer this year: RAGbeer!
Attention, we have limited stock of these beers so be quick because sold=sold
These beers are €3,50 and you can choose between:

Kindervreugd = Wheat beer
Hondsdol = Triple beer


Just like every year we have the RAGweek lottery. Tickets are only €1 a piece and you can win these beautiful prices!