Commissioner of Associations

Hi everyone,

my name is Imke van Dijk and next year I will fulfill the position of Commissioner of Associations within the sixteenth board of Stichting RAGweek Nijmegen! I am 22 years old and I come from the picturesque village called Erp, which may be heard in my somewhat ‘Brabants’ accent. I have been living in Nijmegen for almost four years and I am in my fifth year of the bachelor History at the RU. Last year I was chair of my study association GSV Excalibur, which allowed me to work a lot with other board members and students, including the board of the RAGweek. This made me very enthusiastic about an extra board year and so I applied for the RAGweek, because I think it’s a wonderful initiative to collect money for charity together with all the students of Nijmegen. Next year, as Commissioner of Associations, I can take the lead in establishing contact with all study, sports, culture and student associations in Nijmegen, in order to organize as many cool activities as possible together. I am really looking forward to setting up a wonderful RAGweek together with the rest of my board and all associations and collecting as much money as possible for our charities! Do you also want to contribute something to the RAGweek, do you have any questions or do you just want to have a cup of coffee? Don’t hesitate to talk to me or drop by at the RAG room, hope to see you soon!