Hey everyone!

My name is Jerom den Rooijen and this year I have the honor to hold the position of chair of Stichting RAGweek Nijmegen. Just over one year ago I traded the quiet and picturesque Stein for the oh so beautiful dynamic Nijmegen. Although I grew up in southern Limburg, I have already fully settled in beautiful ‘Havana aan de Waal’. If you run into me, it is often in the city, because I love to socialize and be among people. Although I am oh so in love with beautiful Nijmegen, one of my favorite things to do is exploring abroad. That fits well with my bachelor study Geography, Spatial Planning and Environment studies.

Furthermore, I am also an enthusiastic music fanatic, for years I played drums, piano, guitar and bass guitar. However, I had to put drumming on pause for a while, as a drum kit in a student room is obviously not always desirable. Last year I also had a role within the Red Cross Student Desk Nijmegen, something that only made me appreciate the importance of social engagement even more. Hence, a board year at the RAGweek Nijmegen Foundation brings both worlds together for me: combining the sociability of student time with the charity of our foundation. Together with my fellow board members, hundreds of fellow students and two beautiful charities, I hope to organize another fantastic week this year. In case you have also become enthusiastic, feel free to grab a cup of coffee with me in my second home, the RAGweek-room on campus.

Who knows, see you soon!