Our charities are announced!

We are proud to present you the two charities of the RAGweek 2019:

National: Villa Pardoes

Villa Pardoes (October 2000) is an initiative that was set up to enable parents and sick children to have a holiday week, which makes the family forget the illness or condition of the child as much as possible. Children can be children again, parents can relax and possibly share experiences with fellow-sufferers. In Villa Pardoes, adventures are experienced together, with family and friends. Villa Pardoes is , for a week, the warm nest where you come home after a day full of fun activities.
Villa Pardoes exists thanks to the efforts of a large number of volunteers, employees and sponsors who find it important that seriously ill children also have an unforgettable holiday.

International: Plastic Soup Foundation

The Plastic Soup Foundation was established in February 2011, with the intention to prevent as much unnecessary plastic use as possible. This organization works according to a fixed approach with the following spearheads: Be Aware (increased awareness about problematic plastic use), Get Educated (development of educational programs and increase of information dissemination) and Find Solutions (finding possibilities to make the plastic soup disappear as much as possible).

This year the RAGweek will take place for the 12th time from february 20 to 27. The money that we will raise together will be donated to the two charities. 


Candidate board of RAGweek 2018-2019!

We proudly present the candidate board of Stichting RAGweek 2018-2019:

Chairwoman: Ikara Hassan
Secretary: Liese van Heumen
Treasurer: Patrick van Aken
Boardmember Sponsorship: Sanne Liefers
Boardmember PR: Alexander Currie
Boardmember Activities: Laura Loenen

They will start their activities on September 3rd. We wish them a lot of fun and succes in the upcoming year!

Left to right: Laura Loenen (boardmember activities), Liese van Heumen (secretary), Ikara Hassan (chairwoman), Patrick van Aken (treasurer), Sanne Liefers (boardmember sponsorship), Alexander Currie (boardmember PR).

Lottery Tickets

Last night the winning lottery tickets were announced! Check it out here and maybe you are the one that’s going to Paris!

It’s a wrap!

Yesterday we had to recover for a little bit, but today we are back with the photos of the last day of the RAGweek 2018!
We started the day with RAGsmakelijk again, the last day in de Refter, het Gerecht, de Haardt and the FNWI canteen. In the morning, Tessa and Maarten were at Radio N1 to explain more about the RAGweek and our charities. Next up was the RAGout sale of the ESV Nijmegen, while the JFV was selling hotdogs at their own food event. Postelein organised a lecture about suicide prevention with our charity 113. This was a very interesting lecture. After that we went to the RAGbar for one final night. This time the bar take-overs were with GSV Excalibur, GWS and SOFv! The final activities were organised by Mycelium. They raised a great amount of money with their auction drink. Finally, there was the RAGchelous Cantus: St. Stevenskerk, in association with HRG Achelous. The closing party of RAGweek 2018 was in the Villa.
RAGweek is almost over..
Yesterday we also had some activities, such as the CognAC evening and the dishes collect service of the USR. The final activities will take place in the upcoming weeks, for instance, the Sigma dropping, auction drinks of the member associations of the CSN and ofcourse the RAGrun with Carolus. We hope to see your there and we want to thank everyone that supported us these last weeks! 

RAGchelous Cantus

Yesterday we organised the RAGchelous cantus in coöperation with HRG Achelous. A fantastic cantus in the St. Stevenschurch. With 209 attendees, one of the biggest cantus in Nijmegen. Wether your a student on the HAN or a member of Phocas, everyone was invited to celebrate and to attend this great event. After the first drink with the RAGweek board, the cantus went smoothly. There was a lot of ‘fraternization’. After that we went with the whole corona to the Villa. This is where the Closing party RAGweek 2018 was celebrated. We had a great time there and people enjoyed hotdogs and fresh pastry.

The photos of the RAGchelous cantus are here. 


Brouwtoren beer

During the RAGweek we had the scoop of the new beer of the Brouwtoren! The Brouwtoren Güero, a light pale ale of 5,8%. Follow Brewery “De Brouwtoren” to keep up to date with the latest news and official launch of this delicious new beer. Next to that we also have a special for you: with every 10th Brouwtoren beer you get a free Brouwtoren tote at the RAGbar! Go!

Go to https://www.brouwtoren.nl/ for more information.

Busy Tuesday

Yesterday was another great day of the RAGweek! We started the day with RAGsmakelijk again and different food events. Kompanio was at the Spinoza building again with EAT & WIN. We also had a hallway lunch of the faculty of arts committee and there was a falafel and shawarma sale at TvA with Mycelium. Later that day there was a theater night at the Erasmusbuilding and Mundus played boardgames at the RAGbar. They also provided bartenders for our bar. After that Maarten and Eline went to a beer tasting at st. Anneke. At the end of the night we went to Praud to be Faudt of various different study associations. They sold hotdogs for our charities. All together it was a nice day and we are looking forward to our final day and Eindfeest RAGweek 2018 at Villa van Schaeck. We hope to see you soon!

RAGweek monday

Monday of the RAGweek was another great succes! In the morning we started with a hotdog sale with SPHERE at the HAN. At the same time we had our volunteers ready for RAGsmakelijk and the IFMSA had a bake-sale. At the end of the day there was a lecture of 113 Zelfmoordpreventie, which ended with a lotery drink at Malle Babbe café. There were more festivities on this night. InTenS hosted an auction drink where they raised 264 euros for our charities! Also there was a lasertag game at the sports centre with Dondrite and CognAC. At the bascafé was a drink with SV CEnter and we ended the night at the auction drink at Ovum Novum. We sold out all of our RAGbrouwt beers and had a fantastic day again!

RAGweek Today

Yesterday was a day with less activities. Maarten and Dominique visited the rad borrel by N.S.H.C. Apeliotoes & N.S.Z.V. De Loefbijter. You could spin a wheel for charity here! Today we got going with some food sales, by Synergy Study Association and IFMSA-Nijmegen.

RAGweek coffee at the DE Café

During the whole RAGweek there will be served a RAGweek coffee in the DE Café at the Spinoza building. This delicious cappuccino with white chocolate syrup, whipped cream and real chuncks of white chocolate. Perfect to warm up or just simply to enjoy!

De DE koffie met witte chocolade