Yesterday we had to recover for a little bit, but today we are back with the photos of the last day of the RAGweek 2018!
We started the day with RAGsmakelijk again, the last day in de Refter, het Gerecht, de Haardt and the FNWI canteen. In the morning, Tessa and Maarten were at Radio N1 to explain more about the RAGweek and our charities. Next up was the RAGout sale of the ESV Nijmegen, while the JFV was selling hotdogs at their own food event. Postelein organised a lecture about suicide prevention with our charity 113. This was a very interesting lecture. After that we went to the RAGbar for one final night. This time the bar take-overs were with GSV Excalibur, GWS and SOFv! The final activities were organised by Mycelium. They raised a great amount of money with their auction drink. Finally, there was the RAGchelous Cantus: St. Stevenskerk, in association with HRG Achelous. The closing party of RAGweek 2018 was in the Villa.
RAGweek is almost over..
Yesterday we also had some activities, such as the CognAC evening and the dishes collect service of the USR. The final activities will take place in the upcoming weeks, for instance, the Sigma dropping, auction drinks of the member associations of the CSN and ofcourse the RAGrun with Carolus. We hope to see your there and we want to thank everyone that supported us these last weeks!