Commissioner of Activities & PR

Hey everyone!

My name is Roosmarijn Voskamp and next year I will fulfill the roll of Commissioner of Activities & PR. I’m 22 years young and I’m a full-on Achterhoeker. But even though I know every single word to the song “Oerend Hard”, I’ve been enjoying my live in Nijmegen for a few years now.

I’m in my fourth year of Cultural Anthropology and Development Studies, and I like to keep busy with “nevenactiviteiten”. Last year I completed a board year as secretary at Umoja, the study association of CAOS. During this year I got to know Stichting RAGweek quite a bit, and helped organising some of the activities Umoja did to raise money for Stichting RAGweek. This way, I got a little taste of what it would be like to be a part of all of this. And, let’s just say, I wanted more!

So now I’m here, and I couldn’t be happier to start this journey with the beautiful people of the XVIIth board of Stichting RAGweek. I can’t wait for all the activities to come, and to get to know so many more faces of the students in Nijmegen, working together to raise money for charity!

If you ever have any questions about my function, of even if you just want to chat, you are more than welcome to approach me! You’ll probably find me in the RAG-office!

With love,