International Charity

The international charity of RAGweek 2023 will be Stichting Jalihal. Stichting Jalihal has helped poor and isolated women in rural area’s in India to become independent. This was made possible through projects with chickens and goats, where they were able to make their own income.

But because of climate change the area had become very dry. That’s why a project has been set up where a milion trees and crops will be planted. About 5.000 farmers will participate, as well as women, schools, temples and services like municipal works. The fields will start to look like agro forestry. Agriculture will be possible again in the shadows of the planted trees and crops which will result in a better microclimate. The crops will start to bear fruits, which will improve the nutrition of the participants. Surplus will be sold, which will result in more income. All of the women that participate will recieve a training in food preservation. The most important part of this project is that the soil will be made fertile. This will provide perspective in the long run. The milion trees project in one sentence: The trees make the area liveable again, they give the residents a new perspective and biodiverity will be recoverd.

Have a look at their website by clicking the logo below for more information about this beautiful foundation. We as RAGweek Nijmegen can’t wait to contribute to all the important things they are doing!