Every year the RAGweek board chooses a national and an international charity to support. These charities are chosen by the board independently, and the selection is based on criteria set by the board. The final amount of the RAGweek will be split evenly between the two chosen charities. This year’s charities will be Kamers met Aandacht and Club Kakatua. More information about the two charities can be found on the pages ‘national charity’ and ‘international charity’. In the past 16 years, RAGweek Nijmegen has supported 32 charities. You can see the funds we raised and the charities we supported below:


YearProfitNational CharityInternational Charity
2024€59.172,79Kamers met AandachtClub Kakatua
2023€55.954,32Esther Vergeer FoundationStichting Jalihal
2022€49.293,02Stichting StraatmensenJerome Damey Foundation
2021€ 42.345,98De Hond Kan De Was DoenRight To Play
2020€ 28.558,50Voedselbank Nijmegen-OverbetuweFree a Girl
2019€ 29.121,46Villa PardoesPlastic Soup Foundation
2018€ 26.555,50Stichting 113 ZelfmoordpreventieStichting ACNS Projecthulp
2017€ 27.356,76Stichting Nationaal AYA ‘Jong en Kanker’ PlatformEstrela da Favela
2016€ 24.876,04Stichting KinderdroomwensFriends for Life
2015€ 21.506,74Stichting AmbulancewensStichting Kalinga
2014€ 20.397,38Stichting Kinderen van de VoedselbankStichting Eardrop
2013€ 20.270,-Stichting MetakidsBeatrice Foundation
2012€ 21.444,42Stichting MS ResearchStichting KidsRights
2011€ 11.039,66Stichting Energy4allOneMen
2010€ 12.039,05Bart de Graaff FoundationStichting Mundico
2009€ 9.400,-Stichting Leergeld NijmegenStichting Let Kids Smile
2008€ 6.200,-Stichting vrienden KOC NijmegenChild at Venture