Yesterday was another great day of the RAGweek! We started the day with RAGsmakelijk again and different food events. Kompanio was at the Spinoza building again with EAT & WIN. We also had a hallway lunch of the faculty of arts committee and there was a falafel and shawarma sale at TvA with Mycelium. Later that day there was a theater night at the Erasmusbuilding and Mundus played boardgames at the RAGbar. They also provided bartenders for our bar. After that Maarten and Eline went to a beer tasting at st. Anneke. At the end of the night we went to Praud to be Faudt of various different study associations. They sold hotdogs for our charities. All together it was a nice day and we are looking forward to our final day and Eindfeest RAGweek 2018 at Villa van Schaeck. We hope to see you soon!