Board 2022

This is the RAGweek 2022 board. They would love to introduce theirselves to you!

Famke Reidinga – Chair

Hello everybody! My name is Famke Reidinga, I am 22 years old and very excited to be the chair of Stichting RAGweek Nijmegen this year. Even though I was born and raised in Groningen, the most beautiful city in the Netherlands, I have happily been studying in Nijmegen for three years. Last year I got my bachelors degree in Cultural Anthropology and Development Studies, but because I was not quite done with studying yet, I recently started my second year of law school. When I’m not on campus, you can find me working at the café (or sitting there outside of working hours), taking a stroll (preferably to the petting zoo) or trying to pick up playing the guitar.

During my board year at Study Association Umoja I got to put together activities for Stichting RAGweek Nijmegen, which kickstarted my enthusiasm for this beautiful foundation. I was pleasantly surprised by the number of students that want to contribute to making the world a better place. My incredible fellow board members and I therefore have the utmost confidence that we can yet again raise a significant amount of money, thanks to the students and entrepeneurs of Nijmegen.

If you have any queries with regards to the RAGweek, are interested in contributing to the RAGweek in any way or you just want to come by for a cup of coffee, don’t hesitate to contact me. See you in the RAGweek! 

Jenna Slegt – Secretary

Hi hello! My name is Jenna Slegt and I have the honour to be the secretary in the Stichting RAGweek Nijmegen board. I am 21 years old and I am currently in the fourth year of my study Linguistics at Radboud University. I was born and raised in Nijmegen. You will not be surprised when I tell you my heart belongs to Nijmegen, the city I could never leave behind. After my fantastic board year as the chair of study association InTenS, I could not help but apply for a board year at this beautiful organisation while simultaneously raising money for charities who need it. I am positive that my amazing board members and I will make this year’s RAGweek one to remember. Do not hesitate to contact me in case you have questions or just want to have a talk (in the RAGroom). When I am not in the RAGroom, you can probably find me on the dance floor or eating nachos on a cafe terrace. Anyways, I am looking forward to the RAGweek and I hope you do too!

Stan Janssen – Treasurer

Hey everyone! My name is Stan Janssen, I’m 20 years old, and honored to be this year’s treasurer of RAGweek Nijmegen! One year ago I moved to the most beautiful city in the Netherlands, Nijmegen, where a whole new world opened up for me. Speaking of world, I am currently enrolled in the third year of American Studies! When I’m taking a break from studying, chances are I am doing something related to music: listening for hours, attending concerts, and playing on my own guitars. Apart from that, I love to play soccer, to cook, or to have a great night out in the club or pub. Last year, as a board member of USA Nijmegen, I had a taste of everything related to associations and student life. After last year’s limitations related to the pandemic, I wanted to do another board year. My own experiences with and great stories about the RAGweek led me to applying, and I am very glad I did! Together with my fellow board members, I am confident and excited for another great week, working together with two charities and hundreds of students, to raise an amazing amount of money. That’s it from me, see you soon and be sure to stop by!

Marcus Schmeits – Commissioner Sponsoring

Hi everyone, my name is Marcus Schmeits and this year I am the Sponsoring Commissioner of RAGweek Nijmegen Foundation. I am 21 years old and I grew up between the ‘vlaaien’ and the ‘nonnevotten’ (just search what it is) in the beautiful town of Sittard (in the southern-province of Limburg). A few years ago I exchanged Limburg for ‘Nimma’ (slang for Nijmegen) and now I am in my fourth year as a student of Geography, Planning & Environment. When I can’t be found in the lecture halls, which is almost always the case, I can mainly be found in the pub or in an outdoor café. I also occasionally play sports on a Blue Monday and that can be tennis, squash, beach volleyball, pool or chess, to what extent chess can be classified as a sport. In my first year in Nijmegen I got to know the RAGweek through the cool calendars that the RAGweek publishes every year and with every year my interest in the RAGweek grew. I look forward to working with various partners and sponsors that the RAGweek has to offer in the coming year. Hopefully with your help we can raise a nice amount for our two charities and set up a nice RAGweek. Anyway, I am excited!

Erik Stoelinga – Commisioner Associations 

Hello everybody! My name is Erik Stoelinga and I have the honour of being this year’s Commisioner Associations. I’m originally from the city of Amersfoort, which is the geographical middle of the Netherlands but not much else. When I started the bachelor’s in Political Science in Nijmegen, I also moved here and became an active member for my study association. After a year I felt like I really found my place, and decided to join the board of my study association. I enjoyed this so much that I wanted to find a new challenge for this year. Ever since I became acknowledged with the RAGweek in my board year I liked the idea of raising money for charity in a way that resonates with students. This motivated me to join RAGweek myself. As Head of Associations, my main focus is the collaboration with all the different organisations and associations in Nijmegen. After all, the main goal is to organise an unforgettable RAGweek together while raising as much money as possible for charity at the same time. If you have any questions about how you can participate in this, feel free to send us an email or to visit our office. See you soon!

Jolein Schriks – Commissioner Activities & PR

Hi everyone! My name is Jolein Schriks and I’m very excited to be the Commissioner of Activities and PR this year at RAGweek Nijmegen. I’m eager to commit to a RAGweek as incredible as possible and to contribute to our charities, and get to know studying Nijmegen even better! When I moved to Nijmegen two years ago from Geldrop, I directly felt at home. I’m a nineteen years old student of sociology and I did a board year at Den Geitenwollen Soc. this year. After that, I felt not done with the studentboardlife and I enjoyed the RAGweekactivities so much, so I decided to apply for a year at RAGweek.
I enjoy good food, scrolling through Tiktok all day, play boardgames, reading, going out with friends and listening podcasts. Upcoming year I will hang around in the RAGweek room at the EOS building most of the time and you will all see me with a big smile at all the RAGweek activities! See you soon!