Apply for the board

Apply for the board

Would you like to be a part of the RAGweek foundation? Do you have affinity with charities, a great sense of responsibility and would you like to turn the next RAGweek into a great success? We are respectively looking for 6 boardmembers to perform the functions of chairman, secretary, treasurer, acquisition, PR and activities.

Please mail your letter of application and CV to before the 3rd of May. This address can also be used to get more information about a year at the board of RAGweek Nijmegen.

More details about the exact functions is to be found below:

As the chair your primary job is to keep track of your board’s policy. You are responsible for mapping out this policy and the annual plan at the start of the year, as well as evaluating everything at the end. The chair prepares and structures the board’s meetings and is the contact person for the charities, press, committee of recommendation and the two other RAGweek boards in the Netherlands; Maastricht and Utrecht. Also, you are the one to congratulate other boards at their constitutional drinks. Furthermore you are the confidant for your board members and are responsible for the course of collaboration. And finally, when your board members need some relieve of their duties or some support, you are the first person to help.

As the secretary you are first point of contact for associations and other parties who reach out through mail. You are responsible for sorting out all incoming mail for your board members and keeping the inbox uncluttered. Also you support the others in their mail contacts and put important appointments in the board’s agenda. Another task is that you record everything that is said during meetings, archive these recordings and keep track of the website. When it comes to the “Sexy met Stijl Bestuurskalender” you make sure that there is a layout and you contact the involved boards. Because of all this it is important you are fluent in both Dutch and English and you are able to work efficiently and are organised. Besides the tasks specific for this position, all board members are concerned with contacting sponsors, organizations and organizing activities/events.

What makes this position especially fun is that you are in charge of writing entries in the guest registers at other boards constitutional drinks! There you get to know a whole lot of people you otherwise maybe would have never met. Also you learn skills like differentiating between primary and secondary issues and how to express yourself correctly, verbally as well as in writing.

As treasurer you are responsible for the financial administration of the foundation. At the start of the year you come up with the annual budget and at the end you document everything in the annual report. During the year you are concerned with applying for permits and funds, preparing invoices and keeping track of the income and expenses. The latter is mostly the case after the RAGweek took place, when most of the proceeds will flood the bank account . Therefore it comes in handy if you already know something about accounting and the accounting program Conscribo. This isn’t a requirement though. When I took the position I for once didn’t have any experience with it all, but found it actually rather fun to learn something new!

Besides the tasks specific for this position, all board members are concerned with contacting sponsors, organizations and organizing activities/events. Consequently you have a wide range of responsibilities and thus you have administrative as well as nonsupervisory tasks, which is a rather pleasant alternation!

Head of Sponsorship
As the head of sponsorship you are in charge of all the sponsoring of the RAGweek Foundation Nijmegen. As soon as the charities of that year are announced, you can get to work. You maintain the collaborations with established partners, but also try to make new contacts and in doing so will hopefully raise as much money as possible with your fellow board members. The way in which to go around this, is completely up to you, but it is your duty to keep record of all the corporations that have already been approached and to go along on as many interviews as feasible. Besides this you are responsible for the lottery prizes, so you try to get as much different and fun prizes for the lottery.

Head of Activities
This position is in charge of the RAGweek activities, the contact with student organizations, the timetable of the RAGweek itself and the recruitment of volunteers. This seems a lot, but you share the load with you fellow board members and therefore it is of the upmost importance that you are capable to oversee it all.

Head of PR
As head of PR you are responsible for all the public relations, like posters or social media. As a result you get to deal with programmes like Photoshop and InDesign a lot. Any experience with these programmes will come in handy, but it is definitely not a requirement! In designing posters and controlling the socials you get to put a lot of creativity.