Charities and Date – RAGweek 2024

The RAGweek will take place from Wednesday April 17 to Wednesday April 24, 2024. During this week all kinds of fun activities will be organised for and by students in Nijmegen, so save the date! This year we support Kamers met Aandacht and Club Kakatua. Click below to read more about our charities!

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The XVIIth board starts now!

On September the 4th it all became official!

We are proud and honoured to announce the XVIIth board of Stichting RAGweek;

Noor Hoppenbrouwers – Chair
Teun Hanraets – Secretary
Gwen Beemer – Treasurer
Tobias de Geest – Commissioner of Sponsoring
Jeroen van de Sande – Commissioner of Associations
Roosmarijn Voskamp – Commissioner of Activities & PR

We are very excited for next year and can’t wait to raise money for our charities. These will be announced soon, so keep a close eye on our socials!

Let’s make next year incredible!❤️🖤

RAGweek 2023: 12th-19th of April

The charities and date of RAGweek 2023 have been revealed!

RAGweek 2023 will take place from wednesday the 12th until wednesday the 19th of April. Put these dates in your agenda because this will be an amazing week!

The charities that we will be supporting are The Esther Vergeer Foundation and Stichting Jalihal. We are looking forward to put in all of our efforts for them! If you want to know more about these charities, then you can click on the names of the charities to read more about them, or visit their websites: en

The board has constituted!

On Monday September the 5th, the XVIth board of Stichting RAGweek has constituted as follows:

Jerom den Rooijen – Chair

Anke Verhulst  – Secretary

Fiona Clamor – Treasurer

Linde Oomens – Commissioner of Sponsoring

Imke van Dijk – Commissioner of Associations

Sabina van den Broek – Commissioner of Activities & PR

We are looking forward to putting in all of our efforts in order to succesfully organize an amazing RAGweek! We hope to raise a fantastic final amount for our charities. Our charities will soon be revealed on our social media.

RAGweek 2022 has commenced!

From Wednesday March 9th until Wednesday March 16th, days are filled with a variety of activities organised by and for students from Nijmegen. The proceeds of this week are donated to Stichting Straatmensen and the Jerome Damey Foundation.

It is still possible to order RAGbeer and lottery tickets. You can also buy this year’s Sexy with Style board calendar by sending us an email at

We would like to thank everyone contributing to this year’s RAGweek!

See you at the activities!

RAGweek 2021 has commenced!

RAGweek 2021 has begun! Together with students all over Nijmegen, we will try to raise as much money and awareness for our charities. This year we will support Stichting De Hond Kan De Was Doen and Stichting Right To Play. Be sure to take a look at out programme this week and take notice of our incomparable RAGactions.

We would like to thank our affiliated associations, partners and sponsors. In particular our gratitude to Ekoplaza, Het Arsenaal, N.S.V. Carolus Magnus and N.S.V. Ovum Novum for their continuous support. Let’s make RAGweek 2021 one to remember!


RAGweek 2021 (8-15 April) Charities

With joy, we present you the charities RAGweek Nijmegen will make effort for. Right to play and Stichting De Hond Kan De Was Doen. We will do our best this year to raise as much as possible for these amazing organisations

Right To Play
Right To Play is a global organization that protects, educates and empowers children to rise above adversity using play. By harnessing play, one of the most powerful and fundamental forces in a child’s life, we help 1.9 million children each week to stay in school and out of work, to prevent life-threatening diseases like HIV and malaria and to stay safe from exploitation and abuse. We are the only global development organization focused exclusively on using play to transform the lives of children and youth impacted by poverty, war, disease and inequality. Established in 2000, Right To Play is headquartered in Toronto, Canada and has programs in 15 countries across Africa, Asia, the Middle East and North America.

Stichting De Hond Kan De Was Doen Raises funds for people in desperate need of a guide dog. These dogs need a long education and in many cases, these educations are too expensive or practically impossible for the person in need. De Hond kan de Was Doen makes sure that the dog and patient get educated on how to work with each other, to make the quality of life for the patient much higher

The RAGweek itself will the from the 8th to 15th of April 2021, so save the date in your agenda, more information about the activities planned will follow later!

Charities 2020

This years RAGweek will take place from the 4th of March until te 11th of March! We will support Stichting Free a Girl and de Voedselbank Nijmegen-Overbetuwe!