Each year Stichting RAGweek Nijmegen makes a donation to two charities. To always enlarge the RAGweek, each year programme booklets, flyers and posters are printed to notify Nijmegen about this special event. However, this is impossible without the revenues of partners.

The programme booklet has a circulation over 3000 pieces en will be spread throughout Nijmegen. This therefore means a broad reach. Are you curious which other advantages partnership with RAGweek Nijmegen can have for you? Please contact us!

Partners 2017

RAGweek Nijmegen is supported by:

  • Bascafé
  • CPO
  • Café de Fiets
  • Café de Fuik
  • Café de Kluizenaar
  • Café Samson
  • Café We Gaan Beginnen en Eetcafé Wij Ook
  • Cafetaria De Fest
  • Combo Mambo
  • CultuurCafé
  • De Dromaai
  • Doornroosje/Merleyn
  • Dress Me Clothing
  • Grafisch Huis van Mameren
  • Grand Café Moenen
  • Hogeschool van Arnhem en Nijmegen
  • Kafé de Bijstand
  • Karl’s KOEKIE
  • LaserQuest Nijmegen
  • Malle Babbe
  • Mooij Media
  • Popocatepetl Nijmegen
  • Radboud Sportcentrum
  • Radboud University Nijmegen
  • SNUF
  • SSH&
  • ThomTom

Besides those partners many others contributed to our anual lotery.

All partners, thank you!

Become a partner?

Please contact our team to discuss the possibilities >> To Contact