National Charity

The Voedselbank Nijmegen-Overbetuwe

This years RAGweek board tries to raise as much money as possible for the Voedselbank Nijmegen-Overbetuwe.

Every year, the average Dutchman throws away 50 kilos of good food. At the same time, due to the economic crisis in the last few years, there are 700 families in Nijmegen alone – more than 2000 people – who don’t have enough money to buy enough food. The Voedselbank is collecting good and healthy food that otherwise would be thrown away and divides this between the people who need it the most. Besides food, the Voedselbank also collects donations to make sure that fresh food can be bought, like vegetables, fruit and dairy. This is important because this fresh food is relatively expensive and therefore unaffordable for the poor. This makes them buy less healthy food!

The Voedselbank Nijmegen is a charity with more than 150 volunteers, who make sure that the food is being packed every week and that the 700 families receive their food. The Voedselbank is 100% non-profit. No one gets paid and all the donations go to buying extra food, energy costs and fuel for the vans that deliver the food. More information can be found at