Now that the RAGweek is over, we would like to thank all our sponsors who made this week possible!

Charities 2020

This years RAGweek will take place from the 4th of March until te 11th of March! We will support Stichting Free a Girl and de Voedselbank Nijmegen-Overbetuwe!

We are the board!

At the 2th of September, we switched to our new board! We are really looking forward to the coming year and hope to raise as much money as we can for our charities.

Prospective board 2019-2020

We proudly present the prospective board of Stichting RAGweek 2019-2020:

Chair: Irma Lemmen
Secretary: Riley Kapelle
Treasurer: Noortje te Molder
Boardmember Sponsoring: Marieke Elderman
Boardmember Activities: Walthièro van der Kamp

From the 2nd of September they will be very busy with organising another great RAGweek! We wish them a lot of fun and the best of luck!

Profit RAGweek 2019

We are proud to announce that with the 12th edition of the RAGweek the total amount of €29.015,385 was gathered for Villa Pardoes and the Plastic Soup Foundation. We want to thank everybody that has supported the RAGweek, organised an activity, made a donation or has enjoyed from what the RAGweek had to offer!

RAGweek Thursday

Thursday was a great day! During the day, GSV Excalibur held a book sale, in the afternoon the CPO had a drink in the RAGbar and we also visited the Marie Curie beer auction. In the evening, we split up in pairs to stop by all the activities organized that evening. Dorans, Stuban, AEGEE and Dance Fever organized a scavenger hunt named Kapitein Koek: Escape the city and Ikara spinned the wheel at the USA party. Laura and Alex visited the Jolly Jumper drink and the auction drink of InTenS, where they had the highest bid for a games evening with the board! The members of Mycelium, Umoja and GWS showed their musical side during Social Sounds and Sanne and Liese showed themselves from their slightly less musical side during FC Sophia’s Karaokenight. Plica Vocalis tested its members on their knowledge during the Millennials Pub Quiz, Meersterlijk gave away big prizes during their bingo and CognAC welcomed Patrick, Laura and Ikara at their open party Algorythmic. It has been a succesful day!

The RAGweek has begun!

The RAGweek has started! Yesterday we kicked off the RAGweek with the Fancy Fair: sixteen stalls gathered at the Erasmusplein, where people could stop by to eat cupcakes, throw cake at someone’s face, meet our charities and more. In the afternoon we we also started with RAGsmakelijk, during the RAGweek you can donate 50 cents with your meal at Het Gerecht, Café C, De Haardt and FNWI or you can taste our RAG coffee special or RAG sandwich at DE Cafe. Also, during the RAGweek you can drink a beer at the RAGbar from 16:00 on in CultuurCafé.

In the evening the RAGrun organised by Carolus Magnus took place followed by the RAGrun afterparty. We also took a look at the Men’s auction of Faunus and ofcourse our own party VUURROOD took place in Gas19! Comrade Winston, Philosopher, HAAT, Mofro and Oakwood played until the early hours.

Our charities are announced!

We are proud to present you the two charities of the RAGweek 2019:

National: Villa Pardoes

Villa Pardoes (October 2000) is an initiative that was set up to enable parents and sick children to have a holiday week, which makes the family forget the illness or condition of the child as much as possible. Children can be children again, parents can relax and possibly share experiences with fellow-sufferers. In Villa Pardoes, adventures are experienced together, with family and friends. Villa Pardoes is , for a week, the warm nest where you come home after a day full of fun activities.
Villa Pardoes exists thanks to the efforts of a large number of volunteers, employees and sponsors who find it important that seriously ill children also have an unforgettable holiday.

International: Plastic Soup Foundation

The Plastic Soup Foundation was established in February 2011, with the intention to prevent as much unnecessary plastic use as possible. This organization works according to a fixed approach with the following spearheads: Be Aware (increased awareness about problematic plastic use), Get Educated (development of educational programs and increase of information dissemination) and Find Solutions (finding possibilities to make the plastic soup disappear as much as possible).

This year the RAGweek will take place for the 12th time from february 20 to 27. The money that we will raise together will be donated to the two charities. 


Candidate board of RAGweek 2018-2019!

We proudly present the candidate board of Stichting RAGweek 2018-2019:

Chairwoman: Ikara Hassan
Secretary: Liese van Heumen
Treasurer: Patrick van Aken
Boardmember Sponsorship: Sanne Liefers
Boardmember PR: Alexander Currie
Boardmember Activities: Laura Loenen

They will start their activities on September 3rd. We wish them a lot of fun and succes in the upcoming year!

Left to right: Laura Loenen (boardmember activities), Liese van Heumen (secretary), Ikara Hassan (chairwoman), Patrick van Aken (treasurer), Sanne Liefers (boardmember sponsorship), Alexander Currie (boardmember PR).

RAGweek 2020